About US

I’m Eric, someone who’s new into running.  It took me two years before I finally joined my first 3k race.  It all started with long slow walks together with my wife.  Now, after 40+ lbs ago, I am actively joining running clinics and Sunday 5km (3 weeks ago, I started to join 10km races already – rba) races together with my running buddy Emilee (a.k.a. my wife). And we shall continue running –  because we love it and we enjoy the benefits that we get from it.

Fast forward to 2009:

This is starting to be the running journal of Emilee and Eric.  So instead of creating a new one, we decided to have this as our running blog.  Noticed the title of this page? It was once named as “About me”, now it was changed to “About US”.

Oh, by the way, before we thought of “converting” this as our blog we thought of launching a new one “Xtra-Xtra”.  What’s with Xtra-Xtra?  Just read on some of the details below:

Whos’ Eric? One of the Xtra. Before we started running, his clothese are all Xtra-Xtra Large.  Though he can’t remember if it reached Xtra Xtra Xtra Large.  Now, more than a year of running, he’s now down to Xtra Large.  Sometimes, Eric can fit into a Large size of shirt.  Talking about improvement.

What about Emilee?  The better Xtra.  Same story you would think? Yah, as a result of running, she can now fit into an Xtra Small size of shirt.  All because of her extra effort to be fit and stay health. It was really a wonderful achievement!

As you see, this blog shall account our experiences with the sport that we came to love.


(When they are not running…Eric is a Mechanical Engineer.  But he is now into Sales and Marketing of Compressed Air System solutions in Atlas Copco – that’s why this blog was originally named Running Beyond Air (beyond the Air Compressors).  Emilee is an Industrial Psychologist.  She is into Human Resources Management in Airspeed International Corp.  Both of them are into Training and Quality Management Systems. They are blessed with a twin daughter and a son)


  1. alex · April 6, 2009

    Hi boss,

    Congrats boss I enjoy looking your pictures you are very happy in running activity na miss ko tuloy ang pinas at ang samahan dyan…



    • runningbeyondair · April 6, 2009

      Thanks Alex! Don’t you worry, when you go back here we’ll invite you to join our running activities!
      Send my regards to Rhoda!

  2. jinoe · June 15, 2009

    Hi Eric. I stumbled into your site while doing some tweets. 😀
    Nice to see you and your family are into running. Hope to see you in the races. Btw, I added you blog in our blog list at Takbo.ph. Keep on running. Keep on blogging.

    • runningbeyondair · June 15, 2009

      Hi Jinoe! Thank you for adding me in the blog list. Takbo.ph has been the instrument for me and Ems to connect to the Filipino Running Community. My hats of to you!

  3. Nicole (again) · August 28, 2009

    Could you email me please your email address so I can send you a copy of our e-Newsletter? 🙂 Many thanks.

  4. anna · December 14, 2009

    Hi Eric and Emilee,

    It was so nice meeting you both yesterday! Congrats on your run!

    I am so happy that your family is into running too. You will not only enjoy many extras in the physical aspect but your family will also gain extra closeness, bonding and love through this running and racing we all enjoy.

    Take care and see you again in future races!

    • runningbeyondair · December 16, 2009

      Hi Anna, It was a pleasure meeting you last Sunday.

      Yup! The family that runs together, stays together.

      Happy Holidays!

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