The GreenMiles Run: our twins’ 3k official race result

The results are out! 

It was something unexpected.  It doesn’t mean that our twins had a podium finish.  But the result made the coach Dad and the coach Mom happy!

Finishing 373rd and 377th out of 624 3k runners

Since I was too busy taking their photos, I forgot to check our finish time. 
This will be a good moral booster for them as they eye the 5k race.  Hmmm, maybe before summer ends they will be joining their first 5k race.
Since summer official started today (WR ends the school year today!), they have more time to train together with coach Dad and coach Mom!
See you in the next race!

Summer… Summer… Summer Running

Our daughters are so excited to have their summer break.  As early as two weeks ago, my twins have already been asking me and Emilee what race can they join.  They were even eager to enlist for a 5k race.  Maybe they were already bored of running the 3k.  Talk about levelling up!

Being their coach dad, I told them to just join the 3k.  Then during the summer break they can gradually progress to 5k.  It was a good deal!

So we registered Andrea and Patricia to join the 3k race of The GreenMiles Run.

An early morning run! See the excitement on their faces?

The girls are up and ready by 4:30am.  We arrived at the venue by 5am.  Their gun start will be at 6am but since I have to meet my friends to hand out their race kits, we came in early.

The crowd was kept awake by the performance from the people of Candaba, Pampanga.

Street Dancers from Candaba, Pampanga

And by 6am, the starting gun for the 3k race was fired.  The kids want to be in front or even at the middle.  But upon sizing up the crowd who will join the 3k, I decided to stay at the back.  I just told them that if we keep our target pace, we will get ahead of them.

And off we go!

Patricia is having a strong start

Andrea was running ahead while Patricia was keeping her pace.  I had a hardtime watching (and coaching) them as they were almost 100 meters apart.

After crossing the halfway mark of the 3km race, both of them were catching their breath.  Still I see that they want to make that final push to the finish line.

Side stitch for Andrea

At the water station, both of them gulped two full glasses of water.  Uh, oh!  We have to extend our walk breaks then.

Recharged to run the last 1km of this race

A few more minutes then were off to our final 800 meters.  Learning from their experience during the 1st half of the race, they took the last 800m with an easy run.

But it was at this point that they had a deal that who ever crosses the finishline last will treat the whole family to a sundae ice cream.

Speeding up to the finish!

Though Andrea finished first, both of them had a great time.  This will be the start of their Summer Running experience!

Enjoying the freebies after the race

It was a fun race.  Though it may not be as big as the recent weekend races here in Metro Manila, but the organizers made sure that the needs of the runners were well provided.  From the hydration, medical support, and road security.

Congratulations to the organizers of this race!

8 seconds less at the AIRSPEED Run

Amazing!  The official race results of the AIRSPEED Runs for a Cause were already published as early as yesterday evening – barely a day after the end of the event.

After a week of nursing my shinsplints injury with a combination of rest and some cross training (it was brisk walking this time), I still decided to join the 10k category of the AIRSPEED race.

At the finish line

At the finish line


The Starting Gun was fired by the Mr. Tony Meloto, the head of Gawad Kalinga, at exactly 5:45am.  Since I was at the head of the pack, I was able to start strong reaching the km. 1 marker in 5:00 minutes.  That came as a surprise to me, something new.  I still kept my pace but there was already an apprehension for me to speed-up since I still need to hurdle 9kms more.

At the 4km marker, I chanced upon Romel (of team Air Runner) who’s having a short breather as this was his first 10k race.  We started on our second lap with a much shorter pace (my guess was 6-6:30mins/km).

Romel Tamayo is all smiles after finishing his 1st 10k race with a little over 1hour and 14 mins

Romel Tamayo is all smiles after finishing his 1st 10k race with a little over 1hour and 14 mins

Slowly, I gained some speed with Romel keeping pace at the back.  Half-way thru the 7km mark (near the Manila Doctors College), I was able to keep pace with a lady runner.  She was comfortably running at an estimated 5:40 – 6:00 mins/km pace.  I kept pace with her until the 7km mark near the Globe where I stopped to hyrdate and splash water on my head (unfortunately, she did not stopped).

I crossed the finish line feeling the pains of running the whole second lap.  My official time for my 3rd 10k race was 1 hour, 13 minutes, 4 seconds.  If it was not because of that “lady runner”, I may have not finished eight (8) seconds less than my “old” Personal Record of 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 12 seconds at the Condura Run.

Too bad, I didn’t even had a chance to thank her.  Well, maybe she’s one of these ladies who finished a minute or two ahead of me.

Maybe, she's one of these Lady Runners

Maybe, she's one of these Lady Runners

Eight (8) seconds of improvement is far better than 8 seconds of deviation from the PR.  This calls for a celebration!  ’til the next race!

(Note: Download the results at

(P.S. Congratulations to Romel for braving his 1st 10kms race at 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 12 seconds – a strong finish for his first!)

My woman, my girl, and my friend: A Pinay In Action

March 29 was a big day for the women running community.  This day was the staging of the Pinay In Action – An All Women Run at the Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

Initially, the plan was just to let my wife Emilee to join this event – since it was initially reported to be an all Women Run.  But as the amiable Senator Pia mentioned during her short remark (before the starting gun was fired), “… they also need the men to empower the women..”  So, that’s why I signed up for this event.

Start and Finish Line

Start and Finish Line

My wife and I signed up for the 10k category.  This shall be our 2nd 10k race for the year. And the second Sunday in a row.  This race was all part of our triple weekend 10k race culminating on April 5 at the AIRSPEED run.  Prior to the start of the race, all you can see are ladies in Pink.  And after a few remarks from the Senator Pia, the starting gun was off.  The 10k and the 5k runners have the same start.

Halfway thru the first lap, my wife pulled away from me already since I was experiencing shin splints again (oh no!).  Oh well, since this was an All Women run, I just let her enjoy the run.  Passing thru the first lap of 2.5km, I assume that Emilee crossed it in less than 12 minutes (since I crossed it at the 14 minute mark).  Still feeling the pain on my shins, together with the side stitches, I started to slow down to finish the second lap (5kms) at 36 minutes.

On my third lap, the (ambient) surrounding temperature has been steadily increasing.  This is one of those times that I enjoy splashing (on my head) the (cold) water at the hydration stations – it was a big relief!  Now wait! Nearing the finish of my 3rd lap, I was on a “wait and see” mode.  Hoping that the Lady Air Runner a.k.a. Emilee was already behind me to finish her fourth and final lap.

My second wind has arrived, pushing myself to increase my speed to exceed my PR at Condura last week.  With all the pains (shin splints) and side stitches, I still finished with a decent 1 hour and 18 minutes.  And i’m very proud to say that my Emilee finished the race way ahead of me at 1 hour and 10 minutes – she was able to maintain her PR during the Condura race last week.

My hats off to my wife (my woman, my girl, and my friend) for having a good run last Sunday – and she had a great time too running (and pacing up) with Senator Pia until the 1st lap.

Some photos after the race:

Emilee on the far left (with glasses)

Emilee on the far left (with glasses)

Still fresh and smiling after 10,000 meters of running

Still fresh and smiling after 10,000 meters of running

4 laps and the finish line

4 laps and the finish line

Photo Op

Photo Op

I finished this race too!

I finished this race too!

She’s not only my woman, my girl, and my friend.  She’s also my lovely wife and my running buddy!  And the best of all, she’s a PINAY IN ACTION!

(Editor’s Note: Pinay In Action, now on its fourth year, is inviting women to join the annual advocacy run which aims to continuously empower women by promoting their rights and health. Get more info at

Post note: Next week, my Super Pinay In Action Emilee will be running the AIRSPEED Run together with the super kids who will be joining the 3k race.