Two weeks tour of duty in Cebu..

Since August this year, I am on a 2-week tour of duty every month here in the Queen City of the South. One of the biggest challenge when I am working away from home is the possibility of gaining “significant” weight. During my August tour of duty, I gained around 5-6 lbs.

I was completely denying the fact that I gained those additional body mass in my belly area.  I even thought (and trying to justify to my wife) that I feel bloated and gas was building up my gut. A visit to the gastro was next in my list upon arriving Manila.  Medicines were given and a possibility of colonoscopy was in the horizon.

In doubt, I tried to increased my mileage.

After a few weeks on the road, it seems that it was not just a bloated feeling.  I gained weight!

So, this September, I made sure that my two-week tour of duty in Cebu will be filled with morning runs and “conscious eating”.

Last week, this was one of the route that I ran.  I passed by the Carmelite Monastery Chapel and the Mabolo Church.

Mini Vista Iglesia run

Mini Vista Iglesia run

The Carmelite Monastery Chapel

The Carmelite Monastery Chapel


Mabolo Church (St. Joseph)

This week, I am gradually increasing my mileage.

Increasing my mileage

Increasing my mileage

Maybe next week, when I’m back in Manila, I can run 10 kms again.

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