Two weeks tour of duty in Cebu..

Since August this year, I am on a 2-week tour of duty every month here in the Queen City of the South. One of the biggest challenge when I am working away from home is the possibility of gaining “significant” weight. During my August tour of duty, I gained around 5-6 lbs.

I was completely denying the fact that I gained those additional body mass in my belly area.  I even thought (and trying to justify to my wife) that I feel bloated and gas was building up my gut. A visit to the gastro was next in my list upon arriving Manila.  Medicines were given and a possibility of colonoscopy was in the horizon.

In doubt, I tried to increased my mileage.

After a few weeks on the road, it seems that it was not just a bloated feeling.  I gained weight!

So, this September, I made sure that my two-week tour of duty in Cebu will be filled with morning runs and “conscious eating”.

Last week, this was one of the route that I ran.  I passed by the Carmelite Monastery Chapel and the Mabolo Church.

Mini Vista Iglesia run

Mini Vista Iglesia run

The Carmelite Monastery Chapel

The Carmelite Monastery Chapel


Mabolo Church (St. Joseph)

This week, I am gradually increasing my mileage.

Increasing my mileage

Increasing my mileage

Maybe next week, when I’m back in Manila, I can run 10 kms again.

It’s been a while….

It’s almost three (3) years since my last blog entry. A lot of things has changed. My corporate life (I’ve got a new mission and business to grow), my family life (my kids have grown already) and my personal life (uh, I gained weight and I’m sporting a new do!)

And oh, I learned a new sport too!

Nope, I’m not into Triathlon nor duathlon. I still do some short distance running. But I learned to play the world famous sport of Football. It was not because of World Cup fever but I just need do high intensity workouts in a short period of time.

Talking about work-life balance.

And the advocacy continues..

Since I crossed the finish line for my very first (full) marathon in February 2010 (Condura Marathon) with Ems, I have always wanted to influence my friends and colleagues to experience the same.  In the same year, I was able to convince four of my friends to join the 1st The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (2010).  Of the four who signed up, only three of them made it on the race day.

In 2011, seven (7) signed up for the 2nd TBR Dream Marathon.  Five of them crossed the finish line tired but very happy as they have accomplished their goals.

Part of the experience that I am talking about is the discipline to train and the discipline on nutrition.  Though I am not a nutritionist, I always share what I have read from the blogs of other runners and the articles from the running magazines.  This have helped them in their training and have made them achieve their goals.

In all, Atlas Copco has now nine (9) marathon finishers – let’s not talk about finish time.  And since this is the 3rd year that there are friends and colleagues of mine who have enlisted in the TBR Dream Marathon,  I have decided to put a number on our list.

  1. Eric Alfonso (Condura Marathon 2010, TBRDM 2010, Camsur Marathon 2010)
  2. Danny Talaugon (TBRDM 2010)
  3. Dennis Deinla (TBRDM 2010)
  4. Leo Basilio (TBRDM 2010)
  5. Jonnie Regis (TBRDM 2011)
  6. Raymond Buenaventura (TBRDM 2011)
  7. Mark John Magpantay (TBRDM 2011)
  8. Romel Tamayo (TBRDM 2011)
  9. Roel Intal (TBRDM 2011)

Maybe other companies have a longer list of marathon finishers.  But for a company that has a head count of approximately 167, these guys already represent 5.4% of the total population.

So to my friends/teammates/colleagues (whatever you may call them), good luck to your journey!  We (ACP Marathoners) wants to see you in our list come March 18, 2012.

The BullRunner Dream Marathon 2012 from Team Atlas Copco Runners:

  1. Abbie Valene Bay
  2. Yvonne dela Cruz
  3. Vanessa Santos
  4. Iyah Palisoc
  5. Janice Patulot
  6. Emerson Tabotabo
  7. Nathan Nofuente
  8. Jeffrey Sedenio
  9. Romel Tamayo (his payback dream marathon)
  10. Jonnie Regis

Hmm, now we have five (5) female runners in our 2012 batch!  Talking about gender diversity in Atlas Copco Philippines.  Looking forward to see all of you during the training!  And of course at the finish line on 03.18.12

Yvonne (L) and Emerson (R)

Abbie and Iyah after claiming their race kits

My personal achievement: getting over 2,000kms

I’ve been inactive in road racing since September of 2010.  But I still continued my regular running together with my wifey, Emilee.  In December of 2010, I have calculated that my running mileage (since Feb 2008) was around 1,800 kms.

January was supposed to be another full month for me, in preparation for the Condura 2011.  But as fate would have its way, we DNS’d the Condura 2011 (too bad!).

January to February was a measly 90+kms for me.  A lot of changes in schedules and locations pulled my mileage down.

My moral obligation to push our runners for the TBR DM 2011, increased my running mileage.  In the last week of March, I logged-in 70+ kms.  Just enough to get over the 2,000kms mark.

After 3 years of running and 50 lbs off my weight, logging 2,000kms is a wonderful achievement!

Meet the new marathoners of Team Atlas Copco Philippines

March 20, 2011 – five (5) runners from Team Atlas Copco Philippines took the challenge in October 0f 2010 to apply for the 2011 The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.  They were anxious at first.  But before the deadline for the application ended, they confirmed their intention to join.

Months have passed, all of them busy at work to deliver their Key Performance Indicators.  Some of them have been taking their trainings seriously – I think there was only one runner who took it seriously.  It was during the Christmas break when they felt to log in more mileage as the race get near.

In February, during the longest training run of the program, two (2) of them had a painful experience – literally.  It was the first time that Mon and Mark ran for more than 10kms.  Their intention was just to complete the first loop (10kms).  But, as they approach the Solenad area, fellow runner Jonnie (our GM), challenged them for another loop – completing the whole 28kms.

During the last four weeks before the big day, I decided to have a “cramming” training for Mark and Mon.  I even included a heat training in their last 3 weeks of training.  Just in case they end up walking the last 10kms, at least they are used to the heat of the 8am to 10am sun.

I remember that my last minute instruction to the team a week before race day were: (1) get at least 7 hours of sleep starting Tuesday, and (2) avoid taking soda and meals that is something new for you – this is not the right time to experiment =)

Lights out at 8pm.  But everyone was excited the night before the race.  Gun start came but I wasn’t there to wish them good luck.  I came to the venue at half past five in the morning.  Just in time to see Roel and Romel cross the 20km loop.

By six in the morning I was out in the field taking pictures of the runners, when in just a matter of hours or even minutes they will be called marathoners.  I ran along the route to check Team Atlas Copco.  I first saw our GM who still looks strong at km. 34

Boss Jonnie - looking strong at km. 34

From the rate that he is going, he can finish the race in sub- 6 hours.  We exchange few words and cheered him that it’s only 8 kms more to the finish line.  Then I moved on to search for the four.

Between km 33 and 34, I saw Mark and Mon who decided to be pace buddies.  I guess they just can’t keep pace with our boss.  Still in high spirits with their “poste – poste” program – run for 4 lamp posts then walk the next lamp post.  The only challenge to this program was when they reached the areas without the lamp posts.

Mark (L) and Mon (R)

With three (3) runners on their last 8 kms, I went on to search the last two members of Team Atlas Copco Philippines.  I spotted them at the crossing of km.33.  Trying to hide the pain that they are feeling.

Roel (L) and Romel (R)

Now, at this point I have to run back to the finish line and meet our first finisher.  It was already 5:30hrs from gun start and I feel that our first runner (Jonnie) will be crossing the finish line anytime.  Half way thru my run, I phone fellow marathoner (from TBR DM batch 1) Leo to meet our first runner at the finish line since I am still 4-5kms away.  Boss Jonnie finished his very first marathon in 6hrs, 11 minutes, and 20.9 seconds.

After less than an hour, Mon and Mark, crossed the finish line in 6hrs, 53 minutes, and 29 seconds.  They are virgins no more!

And the last batch of Team Atlas Copco Philippines, Romel and Roel, clocked in 8:04hrs and 8:14hrs respectively.

With all those endorphins that they gained all throught the 42kms, these were how they look like…

Congratulations to you guys!  Welcome to the Marathoners club of Atlas Copco Philippines!!

Your fellow marathoners welcomes you!

TBR DM Batch 1 - (L-R) Dennis, Danny, Leo, Eric, and Emilee

See you in Camsur in September!

Missing the “new” 34th Milo Marathon – Manila Elims

Since 2008, Ems and I ran the 32nd and 33rd staging of the Milo Marathon.  The 32nd staging (Manila Elims), was our first taste of the 5k race.  It was also the first time we ran under the rain.  And it was fun!

After a year, we joined the 21k race.  This time it was our second 21k race (the first was at the Greenfield City).  It was another race were we experienced running on top of the fly-overs at Roxas Blvd (one at Buendia and one crossing EDSA). That was an experience that made our running life meaningful.  From there, we participated in almost all Sunday races. Our training runs became our bonding sessions – exchanging stories – with our busy corporate and family time.  Those races became our “dates”, a time to spend with each other.

This year, I embarked on another learning experience.  I enrolled in graduate studies to further hone my skills and expand my knowledge.  That keeps me busy the whole Saturday until 9:00pm.  So, I’ve been missing a lot of weekend road races since I started in March.  We’ve been choosing those races that we can join otherwise Ems will drag me off the bed every Sunday morning just to go to The Fort or the race venue.

These books are keeping me busy during weekends!!!

We are still doing our weekday trainings and weekend long runs.  But we just can’t get off the house in time for the gun start.  Now, our Sunday long runs starts at 6:00am – no pressures at all!

That means, we will be missing the 34th staging of the Milo Marathon – Manila Eliminations.  Maybe next year, I can join and get that (most) coveted Milo Marathon 42km Finisher’s Medal.

A Run, A Pilgrimage, A time to run with Him

A day before we set in for the lenten break, we have decided to do an unusual Visita Iglesia.   Normally, we go to nearby provinces to spend time with Him.  To reflect, recollect, and retreat.  After all, He is the reason of our existence.  The reason for all the blessings that we are continuously receiving.  And the reason why we are in a better state of health to enjoy running.

Tomorrow, Maundy Thursday, Ems and I will be going around to have our 2010 version of the Visita Iglesia.  We were so blessed to finished a number of 3k’s, 5k’s, 10k’s, 21k’s, and one 42k race.  Now, it’s time to use those muscles to visit the different churches of the Diocese of Paranaque (the southern side).

We will be starting from our home parish, The San Isidro Labrador Parish located at Almanza Uno, Las Pinas.

The altar of the San Isidro Labrador Parish (photo from

From there, we will visit these churches:

  1. Holy Family Parish (BF Almanza, Las Pinas)
  2. St. Jerome Emiliani & Sta. Susana Parish (Alabang Town Center)
  3. Sacred Heart of Jesus (Hillsborough, Muntinlupa)
  4. St. Benedict Chapel (SBC – Alabang, Alabang Hills, Munt.)
  5. Jesus the Divine Healer Parish (Tahanan Vill)
  6. Resurrection of our Lord Parish (BF Paranaque)
  7. Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish (BF Paranaque)
  8. St. Joseph the Worker Parish (BF Las Pinas)
  9. Last Supper of our Lord Parish (Manila Times Vill, Las Pinas)
  10. Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Philamlife Vill, Las Pinas)
  11. Mary Mother of the Church Parish (BF Resort Vill, Las Pinas)
  12. Nature’s Church/Mary Immaculate Parish (Moonwalk Vill, LP)
  13. Our Lady of the Pillar Parish (Pilar Village, Las Pinas)

We hope to finish our running pilgrimage within 3 to 4 hours visiting and praying in these churches.  It’s a different way for us to pray the Station’s of the Cross.

A time to reflect, recollect, and retreat (photo taken at Bacolod Cathedral by my cousin Mike S)

Everything for His glory!!!