My personal achievement: getting over 2,000kms

I’ve been inactive in road racing since September of 2010.  But I still continued my regular running together with my wifey, Emilee.  In December of 2010, I have calculated that my running mileage (since Feb 2008) was around 1,800 kms.

January was supposed to be another full month for me, in preparation for the Condura 2011.  But as fate would have its way, we DNS’d the Condura 2011 (too bad!).

January to February was a measly 90+kms for me.  A lot of changes in schedules and locations pulled my mileage down.

My moral obligation to push our runners for the TBR DM 2011, increased my running mileage.  In the last week of March, I logged-in 70+ kms.  Just enough to get over the 2,000kms mark.

After 3 years of running and 50 lbs off my weight, logging 2,000kms is a wonderful achievement!

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