The GreenMiles Run: our twins’ 3k official race result

The results are out! 

It was something unexpected.  It doesn’t mean that our twins had a podium finish.  But the result made the coach Dad and the coach Mom happy!

Finishing 373rd and 377th out of 624 3k runners

Since I was too busy taking their photos, I forgot to check our finish time. 
This will be a good moral booster for them as they eye the 5k race.  Hmmm, maybe before summer ends they will be joining their first 5k race.
Since summer official started today (WR ends the school year today!), they have more time to train together with coach Dad and coach Mom!
See you in the next race!

Summer… Summer… Summer Running

Our daughters are so excited to have their summer break.  As early as two weeks ago, my twins have already been asking me and Emilee what race can they join.  They were even eager to enlist for a 5k race.  Maybe they were already bored of running the 3k.  Talk about levelling up!

Being their coach dad, I told them to just join the 3k.  Then during the summer break they can gradually progress to 5k.  It was a good deal!

So we registered Andrea and Patricia to join the 3k race of The GreenMiles Run.

An early morning run! See the excitement on their faces?

The girls are up and ready by 4:30am.  We arrived at the venue by 5am.  Their gun start will be at 6am but since I have to meet my friends to hand out their race kits, we came in early.

The crowd was kept awake by the performance from the people of Candaba, Pampanga.

Street Dancers from Candaba, Pampanga

And by 6am, the starting gun for the 3k race was fired.  The kids want to be in front or even at the middle.  But upon sizing up the crowd who will join the 3k, I decided to stay at the back.  I just told them that if we keep our target pace, we will get ahead of them.

And off we go!

Patricia is having a strong start

Andrea was running ahead while Patricia was keeping her pace.  I had a hardtime watching (and coaching) them as they were almost 100 meters apart.

After crossing the halfway mark of the 3km race, both of them were catching their breath.  Still I see that they want to make that final push to the finish line.

Side stitch for Andrea

At the water station, both of them gulped two full glasses of water.  Uh, oh!  We have to extend our walk breaks then.

Recharged to run the last 1km of this race

A few more minutes then were off to our final 800 meters.  Learning from their experience during the 1st half of the race, they took the last 800m with an easy run.

But it was at this point that they had a deal that who ever crosses the finishline last will treat the whole family to a sundae ice cream.

Speeding up to the finish!

Though Andrea finished first, both of them had a great time.  This will be the start of their Summer Running experience!

Enjoying the freebies after the race

It was a fun race.  Though it may not be as big as the recent weekend races here in Metro Manila, but the organizers made sure that the needs of the runners were well provided.  From the hydration, medical support, and road security.

Congratulations to the organizers of this race!

AC Philippines’ Fab Four!: Training for the TBR Dream Marathon

When I started my addiction to running way back in May 2008, I was a loner.  Though I go together with Emilee during our trainings and “leisure” races, I was the only runner in our company.  I was only running 3k’s and 5k’s then.

Some of my colleagues were even saying that doing a 3km run is unachievable for them.  That they may not even complete a 1 km walk.  In my previous posts, you will see that the tribe (of runners) from Atlas Copco Philippines has already increased.  Some of them graduated from one (1) distance to another in a span of one (1) year.  When the year 2009 ended, we almost have fifteen (15) 10k runners.  And before the 1st quarter of 2010 will end, ten (10) of those runners have tried either the 15km or even the half marathon.

For me, that is an achievement.  I always want to make a difference.  I may not be an expert running coach, but I am always open to learn from others.  Either having a casual chat with them or reading what they have researched thru their blogs.  A colleague of mine from AC MYS even told me that in our organization, I may be classified already as a running “expert”.  Since I have gained more experience compared to them.

So, whatever significant learnings I gained, I shared to my friends and colleagues.

Now, after completing my first Full Marathon at Condura 2010 (after learning a lot from a km 38 DNF at PIM) together with Ems, I have now four (4) runners who are determined to run and finish their first Full Marathon.

Marathoner Candidate no. 1:    Dennis D. 

Dennis D.  is a veteran of two (2) Half Mary’s this 2010.  He joined the Condura and Century Tuna’s 21k.  He also holds the fastest 10k and 21k records in our company at 53mins (Book Run) and 1:59:58hrs (Century Tuna) respectively.

See how focus he is?

Marathoner Candidate no. 2: Danny T.

Danny also started running together with Dennis.  Nope, they are not pace buddies.  But he is also a competitive runner.  He is also a veteran of two 21k races and numerous 10k and 5k races.  His fastest 21k was during the Century Tuna at 2:07:32hrs.  He also runs a sub-60 10k (I just can remeber if it was 55mins or 57mins).

A determined runner!

Marathoner Candidate no. 3: Dennis S.

This guy is another “convert”.  Yeah, previous to running, he is a certified basketball addict.  Now, aside from Basketball he trains thrice a week to improve his stamina.  He does not only run but he is also into biking (as his cross training).  Another veteran runner with a number of half mary’s, 10k’s and 5k’s under his (hydration) belt.  He may not be as fast as the two candidates above but he is also a competitive one.

Chillax Runner - but he can pull off a sub-60 10k

Marathoner Candidate no.4: Leo B.

I have seen great progress with Leo.  He has joined a number of 10k races already – maybe 10 and counting.  And in recent race events, he adds up mileages after completing the route.   He maybe a “leisure” runner like me but he can run through those kilometer markers until he reaches the 42nd.  And I heard that he is doing a secret training in the east side of Metro Manila in preparation for his Dream Marathon.

See, he is still ahead of the other runners!

These Fab Four ACP runners or should I say marathoner “candidates” are now in the middle of their preparations for the forthcoming TheBullRunner Dream Marathon on May 22, 2010.

We wish them well in their preparations! 

Ems and I will always be with them from the start of their preparations until they reach the 42.195kms Finish line.  We’ll make sure that it will be a happy full marathon experience for them (aside from the fact that TBR has assured all runners that it will be a fun Full Marathon under the summer Sun).

Condura 2010: My First 42!

(A post written by Ems) 

Feb 07, 2010 marks a milestone for me as a runner.  Being able to finish a full marathon was indeed a great experience. Initially, I had the apprehension of registering for the Condura Run 2010 for a full marathon but Eric was convinced that we can do it.

It was also great to see people (even you don’t personally know them) cheering and encouraging you to take that extra mile to be able to reach the finish line. While running we got the chance to chat with fellow runners who are also 1st time to join a full marathon and even exchange jokes that this would be the last…. “di na ma-uulit“.

Our friend, Vener (Rununltd), shared with us that  running side by side has been a tried and tested strategy….and it really helps.  I know Eric can make it before the cut-off time but he decided to stay with me throughout the race. The last 2 kilometers was the longest kilometer ever.  The heat and the pain forces you to quit.  But why stop when you were able to ran the 1st 40 kilometers. Eric pushed me when he knew when I’m tired and gave me the strength to make it to the finishline.

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

Another unforgettable experience is that I was able to conquer the Skyway…. Along the route, you would see inspirational quotes. But this is the quotation that I struck me the most:

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  – John Bingham

We conquered!

I was not able to hit the cut-off time (over of 8 minutes). But there are a LOT of things to be thankful for…. friends to encourage/cheer you to run more, finished the race injury-free and having a husband who is very supportive. Most importantly being grateful to our Creator for the gift of life and strength to continue to believe that there is always hope.

Reaching the Finish Line

While on my way to work, it made me think …. Would this be my 1st and last marathon? I guess for the year …. And I am still open to give it a chance and give my best the next time around.

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong.  Instead, focus on what to do next.  Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer. “  – Denis Waitley

Until the next Marathon!


photos courtesy of Edu and Pepsi of

The Condura 2010: The Oops! and the Ahhh! of the missing barcode

The Condura 2010… Oops!

Just when I thought that the registration down to the distrubution of the race packet went well, some forgot to put the barcodes on my race bib.  I immediately checked with my colleagues who will be running the 21k.  Same as mine, their barcode were not there either.

The Condura 2010… Ahh!

Cramming with tons of work this week, I immediately sent an e-mail to the secretariat that my barcode was missing.  Then, I read from the forums on Condura that other runners who claimed their kits on 04 Feb that their barcode too were missing.

Within twenty (20) minutes from sending my email to the secretariat, I immediately received an e-mail from Ton Concepcion that (1) he knew of the situation, and (2) that he apologizes for that lapse in preparation.

Before the hour stikes, I already read from the forum that they already gave an instruction on how to resolve the missing barcode.  By 1100H, everything has been settled.  I sent an e-mail back to Ton C. to inform him that instructions has been received.

Around 1700H, I received an SMS from the Condura Secretariat with the same instruction that I saw from the forums, site, facebook accounts, and the Condura 2010 website.  As stated in the SMS, I sent an e-mail confirming the receipt of their instruction.

And today, much to my surprise, we received calls from the secretariat just to confirm if we received the instructions on the missing barcode.  We were out when they called the house.  Maybe they tried to call back during lunchtime.  But since we went out again with the kids, they tried to reach us through my mobile phone.

The Condura 2010 team, headed by Mr. Ton and Patrick Concepcion, used all forms of communication just to reach all those registered runners for the 42k and 21k who claimed their kits during the 4th of Feb.  Maybe it was a big lapse on their part to miss that barcode on our race bibs.  But, these Captains really exerted the extra effort, did the extra mile just to make sure that their runners – their V.I.P’s come race day – were properly informed on the corrections to be done.

This is a great case of Customer Satisfaction!  Congratulations!

Atlas Copco Runners: Their 10k race progress

I am amazed on how my colleagues, who are all newbie’s of running, have improved in their respective 10km race finish times.  Last Wednesday, as I was preparing to update our bulletin board here at the head office, I decided to gather their finish time statistics in the last three (3) 10km race that we joined.

And you can see below how they have improved.

Runner Botak – 11.22.09 BF Pasko Run 12.13.09 The Book Run – 01.31.10
Dennis D none 56:57 53:10
Miguel R none 59:41 none
Danny T none 01:01:50 00:58:23
Jonnie R 01:10:52 01:08:55 none
Gil N 01:16:02 01:07:19 01:08:20
Eric Alfonso 01:17:59 01:10:24 01:08:34
Emilee Alfonso 01:17:27 01:14:25 01:09:10
Mark M none 01:10:20 01:11:11
Romel T 01:12:07 none 01:11:47
Leo B 01:20:25 01:17:15 01:16:53
Manny C 01:21:19 none none
Roel I 01:30:36 none none
note: Time format hh:mm:ss    

The Botak race in November was the starting point of majority of these runners as they upgraded their race level from 5kms to 10kms.  And after three (3) races, we already have three (3) runners who can now finish the 10k race under 60-minutes.

Hmmm, maybe I can make an special incentive here at work.  The runner who can beat the sub-Piolow mark will get a special prize!  Sounds interesting!!!

Well, I do hope that more of our runners will hit the sub-60 minute mark..



25th January 2010 – crossing my 1,000th kilometer

I made it!

As a newbie runner way back in May 2008, running my 1,000th kilometer was still far from my mind.  The dream of reaching that personal milestone only surfaced during the 1st quarter of 2009.  Since then, I started logging the distance that I ran.  On some months, there will be significant improvements.  But there are also months when it was almost flat.

The passion to achieve that dream became more intense last December of 2009 when I saw that I only need 199kms.  I persevered to train almost everyday.  Doing various distances from as short as 3kms to as long as 21kms.  Shuffling my runs in Filinvest, AAV, and Southmall areas.  My goal then was to cross the millenium mark before year 2009 ends.

But friends, who are seasoned runners than me, advised me to take it slowly.  That to much training might get me into an injury – and miss my ultimate goal.  And so I listened.

And after 20 months*, I have crossed the imaginary finish line of my 1,000th kilometer.  It was a simple finish at my homecourt and my training grounds.  It was where my training started – at the SM Southmall grounds.

My next goal: help Ems cross her 1,000th kilometer – there are only 138kms left!




note – *I started road running in May 2008 but I only started logging my runs (and that includes the races I finished since May ’08) only in February 2009.