Missing the “new” 34th Milo Marathon – Manila Elims

Since 2008, Ems and I ran the 32nd and 33rd staging of the Milo Marathon.  The 32nd staging (Manila Elims), was our first taste of the 5k race.  It was also the first time we ran under the rain.  And it was fun!

After a year, we joined the 21k race.  This time it was our second 21k race (the first was at the Greenfield City).  It was another race were we experienced running on top of the fly-overs at Roxas Blvd (one at Buendia and one crossing EDSA). That was an experience that made our running life meaningful.  From there, we participated in almost all Sunday races. Our training runs became our bonding sessions – exchanging stories – with our busy corporate and family time.  Those races became our “dates”, a time to spend with each other.

This year, I embarked on another learning experience.  I enrolled in graduate studies to further hone my skills and expand my knowledge.  That keeps me busy the whole Saturday until 9:00pm.  So, I’ve been missing a lot of weekend road races since I started in March.  We’ve been choosing those races that we can join otherwise Ems will drag me off the bed every Sunday morning just to go to The Fort or the race venue.

These books are keeping me busy during weekends!!!

We are still doing our weekday trainings and weekend long runs.  But we just can’t get off the house in time for the gun start.  Now, our Sunday long runs starts at 6:00am – no pressures at all!

That means, we will be missing the 34th staging of the Milo Marathon – Manila Eliminations.  Maybe next year, I can join and get that (most) coveted Milo Marathon 42km Finisher’s Medal.


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